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You can obtain a copy of the Lifetime Reading List by enrolling in a Speed Reading & Comprehension Training Program taught by the Institute at any location nationwide.
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Lifetime Reading List
Have you ever thought, "I want to read more," but not known how or where to start?
The Lifetime Reading List, with over 1,000 books listed and briefly described, will be your map and compass on your personal journey through the world of books.
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The best booklist ever developed for the general reader.
Reading fiction is immensely rewarding, whether you read for enjoyment, self-understanding, knowledge of the world,or for all of these reasons. The Lifetime Reading List contains compelling works of fiction, including novels, short stories, and poetry. The list includes both literary fiction and gripping page-turners in genres such as Science Fiction and Mystery.

The nonfiction section features compelling books that will pique your curiosity and broaden your horizons. With sections covering many different subject areas, this list includes books ranging from Travel and Adventure, Science and Business to Memoir, Psychology, and Philosophy and Religion.

Biography, History & Classics
The list includes biographies of history's most compelling figures, engaging histories that capture the unfolding drama of the human story, and works of classic literature that communicate a unique vision of life. Explore many of the greatest books our human heritage has to offer.

Reading allows us to transcend our limitations.