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In this engaging program, your middle schooler will double reading speed, improve comprehension in fiction and nonfiction, strengthen writing skills, and expand his or her vocabulary. Your middle schooler’s love of reading and confidence will grow, providing lots of motivation to keep reading for enjoyment.

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98% of parents would recommend the program to a friend.

Parent Feedback

We collect feedback throughout our program to ensure all students are making progress and getting the support they need.

“These classes was the best thing to happen to me because I have took these since I was 4 and maybe I’ll take another 6th grade one for the year!” — Mark

“I think everything was great and helped me reading faster and my comprehension better.” — Allison

96% of parents said that their child enjoyed attending weekly live online classes.

“This program allowed Israel to really focus on reading comprehension, and through this he was able to break down the story, analyze the events and talk about it like someone who actually read the book and not just the words. Israel just has to continue using the methods he learned in this class for him to continue to improve.” — Carol

“Nicholas looked forward to the class sessions. He enjoyed the interaction with the teacher and other students during story discussion. She made all the children feel good about themselves. Nicholas is enrolled for the winter session and is hoping to have Ms. Mayfield again. She was wonderful.” — Fran

95% of 6th graders enjoyed the program books, according to their parents.

“My child improve reading and writing skill. She has more confidence in reading book and she enjoy her reading class. I like this teacher. She is very motivate to every student and she has her discipline behind her motivation.” — Phat

More than 9 out of 10 parents saw their child’s reading comprehension improve during this program.

“My child does not naturally enjoy reading and has convinced herself she is a bad reader which is not true. These programs help build her confidence and show her that she is a good reader and practicing the skills of reading and writing are important to her success as a student.” — Melissa

Parents rated their child’s teacher as skilled and knowledgeable more than 99% of the time.

“My son enjoyed the program, and he learned a lot from it, keep up the great work!” — Juliana

Over 9 out of 10 parents noticed a boost in their child’s confidence with reading.

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Help Your Child Become a Confident,
Enthusiastic Reader!

Help Your Child Become a Confident, Enthusiastic Reader!