How are we different?

  • 1 Mission

    We've been teaching online for nearly a decade. But, unlike other virtual learning providers, we do just one thing: teach reading skills.

  • 50+ Years

    We've used our 50+ years of focus on reading education to create a truly effective online learning experience - even for littles ones!

  • 3 Million Students and Counting...

    Today, our reading programs are a model of how children and teens can succeed with proven online instruction and expert support.

What Makes Our Reading Programs Special?
What Makes Our Reading Programs Special?

Outstanding Books

We curate the best books for every age. Written at the appropriate difficulty level, they tell exciting and relatable stories that students love.

What Makes Our Reading Programs Special?

Core Skill Development

Success in each grade requires the right skills. Carefully crafted, interactive lessons keep kids engaged as they build key skills and confidence.

What Makes Our Reading Programs Special?

Engaging Discussions

No one encourages reading and talking about great books quite like us. Discussion helps kids see how reading fits into their lives firsthand.

What Makes Our Reading Programs Special?

Expert Teachers

Our teachers understand how to nuture children in every stage of reading development. Their enthusiasm for reading is truly inspiring.

What Makes Our Reading Programs Special?

Small Classes

With a maximum class size of 15, kids have a rich in-class experience with their peers, while still getting plenty of personal attention.

What Makes Our Reading Programs Special?

Different Perspectives

Students from across the country participate in our programs, creating a dynamic mix of perspectives you won't find in a traditional classroom.

What makes our online
instruction work for kids?

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After School, Evenings, Weekends.
After School, Evenings, Weekends.
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1-hour classes easily fit your family schedule

Why can you trust us?

  • Experience

    Since 1970, we've taught reading skills programs to millions of students from preschool to high school, throughout the United States.

  • Expertise

    Our founder, Paul Copperman, is a Presidential Appointee to the National Council on Educational Research and author of two books on reading instruction.

  • Student Satisfaction

    More than 97% of families who complete a program would recommend the program to a friend, and we have thousands of 5-star parent reviews.

  • Academic Partnerships

    Over the last half-century, our programs have been endorsed and offered by 200+ of the country most well-respected colleges and universities.