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Help Your Child Succeed as a Reader in 2nd Grade!

Phonics    Word-Attack    Fluency    Comprehension    Love of Reading

What’s the Key to Succeeding in 2nd Grade?

Mastering the right reading skills.

Reading plays a huge role in your child’s experience in 2nd grade. Second graders need to learn a lot of important phonics, fluency, and comprehension skills. They’re expected to master new skills throughout the school year and build the confidence they need to read harder and harder books.

How Can You Make Sure Your Child Grows as a Reader?

It can be challenging – especially during the school year!

  • How can you make sure your child is learning core reading skills?
  • How can you be confident your child is reading great books at the right level of challenge?
  • Most importantly, how can you make sure your child gets the regular reading practice he or she needs, week after week?

An Enjoyable Solution

Our reading skills program provides the structure and support your child needs to make growing as a reader easy and enjoyable. Each week he or she will have a great time learning and practicing skills under the guidance of a terrific teacher. With this program, you will be sure that your child gets plenty of reading practice in 6 great books–one a week!

An Effective Result

When kids succeed with every book, they not only strengthen skills, they also build the confidence and motivation to read the next book, and the next one. This is how kids in our program keep growing as strong, enthusiastic readers who succeed in school.

How Our Programs Work

Our programs provide kids with a great experience reading and learning. We carefully structure the entire program to be manageable in the busiest of schedules, even when school is in session.

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The Best Books

Your child will read 6 terrific books. We carefully select the books each session to make sure they’re at the right level of challenge. Your child will succeed with each one and feel a sense of accomplishment. They are full of exciting stories and funny characters so your child will have a great experience!

After-School Or Weekend Classes Once a Week

Once a week, your child will attend an exciting live online class led by an expert reading teacher. During every class, your child will participate in fun skills games and engaging book activities and discussions. He or she will learn valuable second-grade phonics skills, build comprehension, and develop fluency.

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Student (and Parent) Support Between Classes

Between classes, your child will practice reading and complete fun interactive lessons that build core second-grade reading skills and instill confidence.

Throughout the program, you can schedule one-on-one appointments with the teacher to ask questions or get extra help. You’ll also have access to our on-demand “Helpline” for more help, even with schoolwork.

At the end of the program, you’ll receive a progress report from your teacher on how your child is doing, plus what your child should focus on next to continue growing as a reader.

Key 2nd Grade Reading Skills and Why They’re Important

2nd Grade Reading Skills Program

Your 2nd grader will read books carefully selected for the Winter Session. He or she will build phonics and word-attack skills, fluency, and comprehension. Your child’s love of reading will grow, along with the motivation to succeed in school.

Winter Session
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Convenient and flexible program schedules. After-school or weekend options.

This program transformed our son from a kid who dreaded reading to one who relishes books and sneaks more reading in. We’re so grateful.” – Julia, Parent of a 2nd Grader

How Do Institute of Reading Development Programs Compare to Other Options?




Proven Curriculum Based on Decades of Experience
Highly Trained Teachers Who Specialize in Reading Development
Uniquely Engaging Live Online Classes and Interactive Lessons
Carefully Selected, Great Books Shipped to Your Home
Affordable Instruction Without the Long-Term Commitment

“He loves the online lessons. They make reading FUN! This program has been a key element to my son’s reading success.” – Marviette, Parent of a 2nd Grader

Recommended by 98% of Parents Whose Child Completed a Reading Skills Program

Be Sure Your Child Grows as a Reader

Reading Skills Program

Winter Session

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Plus $39 Materials & Shipping

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