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Since 1970, we’ve been dedicated to making reading a central part of life for students of all ages. Our mission is to teach students the reading skills they need to immerse themselves in great books at every stage of their reading development.

Inspiring Instruction: What it Can Do for Your Child

Since 1970, the Institute of Reading Development has been dedicated to one thing: making reading a central part of life for children and adults…

“I am a Reader”: What Being a Reader Means for Your Child

I grew up in a small rural town. Luckily, my parents were able to take me into the city…

The Skills That Make a Strong Reader

As a parent, you know how important reading is. We all want our kids to be strong, successful readers…

Reading Skills Videos for Parents

Reading Skills Videos for Parents

Academically Endorsed Online Reading Programs

As leaders in online instruction for kids, we’re proud to offer programs with university partners nationwide.

Why I Love Being a Reading Teacher

I’m a reader. You name it, I’ve read it: classics, mystery, fantasy, historical, nonfiction, sci-fi, comic books…

5 Key Strategies for Reading Nonfiction

Children are reading more nonfiction at school than ever, and they start earlier than ever. Reading nonfiction…

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Browse Recent Facebook Posts

Phonics: The Most Important Skill for Beginning Readers

Phonics is at the heart of how children learn to read. If you have a young reader, you might remember…

Strong Comprehension Pays Off!

If you think about the skills your child needs to succeed in school, good reading comprehension is…

See the Best from Instagram

See the Best from Instagram

To help students feel connected to books and to each other and keep learning during these challenging times, we are offering at-home, Live Online reading programs that start as soon as April 4th (two months earlier than usual).
We are already pioneers in face-to-face online education for children and adolescents. We’ve taught over 3,000 live online reading courses to more than 50,000 students in partnership with colleges, universities, and other non-profit organizations nationwide. We know how to teach effectively in an online classroom.
In our online programs, students attend weekly video classes where they can see, hear, and speak with each other and an expert teacher. All of our teachers are passionate about books and reading. They work closely with students to ensure that each one has a great experience and makes real progress.
Between classes, students get to read carefully selected great books and complete interactive online activities that build the right skills needed for their grade level.
Keep the joy of reading and talking about books going. Let us help - find your Live Online program now. Link in bio!
For More Information or To Enroll by Phone:
Call 1-800-903-2173
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Learn more about us and our mission to inspire every child to become a lifelong reader: ...

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We're dedicated to inspiring a love of reading in our students and helping them establish the lifelong habit of reading for fun. Learn more:

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How will you encourage your child to be part of 60% of kids who enjoy reading books this summer?

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We love helping our students get in the habit of reading wonderful books! It looks like this student is well on her way to becoming a lifelong reader.

Thanks for sharing, Cassandra!

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Keep Learning. Keep Reading. Keep Connecting!
Live online programs for students of all ages available now and this summer. Link in bio. #onlinelearning #readingprogram #readingisfun #safeathome

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Enrollment is now open for our 2020 summer reading skills programs!☀️📖 Find your program and enroll today. 👉 Link in bio:
Join us for another great summer of fun, effective reading programs for students of all ages. 👩‍🏫📚 #bookstagram #readingtime #reading #summerreading #summerreadingprogram #loveofreading #readingskills #bookworm #ilovereading #readersofinstagram

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Thank you @kirstrussell for sharing your experience with the reading program!

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How can we support readers to think less of, “How much longer do I have to read?” and more of, “When can we read today?”

Reading is much more than opening a book. It’s chatting about a news article with a partner, transporting yourself into a different world as you read about someone else’s life, and recreating your favorite family recipe during the holidays. #sponsored

Reading, to me, is a precious life skill that is shaped when children are young.

As Connor enters Kindergarten next year, I want to protect his love for reading. I want him to feel confident as he practices early core reading skills, and excitement when he’s between the pages of a book.

The Institute of Reading Development makes reading fun. Our teacher Kara’s enthusiasm for reading is contagious. She has us laughing, moving, connecting, deep thinking…all while building phonic skills, sight word recognition, and developing reading comprehension.

When you sign up for classes with The Institute of Reading Development, you’ll enjoy exciting live online classes, fun interactive lessons between classes, and the most captivating and engaging books.

The Institute of Reading Development @readingprograms is transforming Connor’s foundational reading skills, and more importantly, cultivating a confident and enthusiastic reader!

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Did you know that having lots of books in your home will set your child up for a bright future? Findings published by the Social Science Research Journal show that children with access to books at home experience increased academic and professional success as adults.

Click the link in our bio to learn how our reading programs will build your child's library and boost confidence and enjoyment for reading!

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A Love of Reading Makes All the Difference

For parents, it’s a joy to see your child’s face light up when you read her favorite book aloud…

The Powerful Impact of Achieving Fluency

As parents, we all want reading to be an easy, positive experience for our kids. Imagine your child settled…

Help Your Child Become a Confident,
Enthusiastic Reader!

Help Your Child Become a Confident, Enthusiastic Reader!