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In this fun program, your child will improve fluency and comprehension, build essential long-word decoding skills, and learn new vocabulary. Your child’s love of reading and confidence will grow, providing lots of motivation to keep reading for enjoyment.

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95% of parents would recommend the program to a friend.

Parent Feedback

We collect feedback throughout our program to ensure all students are making progress and getting the support they need.

“Class went well. I liked that the instructor gave the students the opportunity to hear where other kids lived. Emory thought it was neat to know that kids are learning together across the country from different cities.” — Towanda

98% of parents said that their child enjoyed attending weekly live online classes.

“I was very happy with the first reading class. Mrs. Hall is amazing. She explains very well, interacts with all kids, and is very encouraging. My son feels comfortable in her class and not worry about making mistakes (which is a problem for him usually).” — Elena

98% of 3rd graders loved the program books, according to their parents.

“Mr. Jonathan led a very great class! It was fun and he makes it so interesting in keeping up with the different topics on the agenda. He engages his students and leads the class effectively. He has a great personality and makes it a lot of fun! We all look forward to the rest of the sessions with Mr. Jonathan! Thank you!” — Terri

More than 9 out of 10 parents saw their child’s reading comprehension improve during this program.

“This is Eva’s fourth reading course with Reading Programs. Having come across this course by sheer fluke. This has been the best education tool for Eva. She not only fell in love with the books. She continues to build on her reading skills, fluency and comprehension. All the teachers have been exceptional. Many Thanks to all involved.” — Anna

Parents rated their child’s teacher as skilled and knowledgeable more than 99% of the time.

“Abby enjoys class and is enthusiastic to answer questions. She is able to follow along in the book when being read to, participate in comprehension questions and complete the online assignments without a lot of controversy. She seems to enjoy the books. I like the online assignments as an appropriate amount of time spent given other homework from school and overall building a stronger reading fluency and vocabulary. Felix does a great job helping to encourage reader participation and graces students with compliments and corrections where needed. He cracks the long word decoding. And nicely augments really llong word decoding and fluency passages online. I can tell you’ve put a lot of thought into a solid program and it shows! Thank you!!!!” — Tracy

Over 9 out of 10 parents noticed a boost in their child’s confidence with reading.

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Help Your Child Become a Confident,
Enthusiastic Reader!

Help Your Child Become a Confident, Enthusiastic Reader!