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In this fun program, your child will improve comprehension and fluency, strengthen writing skills, learn to read fourth-grade textbooks and nonfiction, and expand his or her vocabulary. Your child’s love of reading and confidence will grow, providing lots of motivation to keep reading for enjoyment.

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95% of parents would recommend the program to a friend.

Parent Feedback

We collect feedback throughout our program to ensure all students are making progress and getting the support they need.

“I learned about how I can love reading in a fun way. The reason why I liked the program is because that I got to read two adventurist books. And I loved all my classmates. And my lovely beautiful teacher. I think that I’ve improved in my reading a lot thanks to this class. And I am so thankful to be in a online class that will allow me to do better with my reading. So thank you all ever so much for letting me have this opportunity.” — Camille

“I like everything about this reading program. I would not change anything about it. I want to thank you guys for allowing me here. Thank you!” — Gabriella

97% of parents said that their child enjoyed attending weekly live online classes.

“Juliet had a very positive experience. She has improved in every aspect of reading and writing and is meeting expectations accordingly. I love the program and the instructors have all been very engaging and sincerely interested in the students.” — Melissa

“It was a phenomenal experience and the energy that the teacher put forth each week was infectious and pushed my son to do participate even more .. thanks again and see you all next semester !” — Sidonie

More than 9 out of 10 5th graders enjoyed the program books, according to their parents.

“Ms. Villanueva is a patient, kind teacher that sets high, clear expectations. Antonio knew he had to pay attention because she genuinely cared about his growth and responses. Incredible communication with parents and students.” — Kelly

More than 9 out of 10 parents saw their child’s reading comprehension improve during this program.

“We love how engaging the teachers were. Given the situation they tried so hard to bring the class spirit up every week. You can tell when an educator loves teaching the kids and when they are just there to clock in to a job. They did a phenomenal job and showed the kids that they really cared about what they had to say. Thank you to all your teachers for being loving and high spirited. We parents appreciate your efforts and time.” — Terri

Parents rated their child’s teacher as skilled and knowledgeable more than 99% of the time.

“My son learned a lot and I believe having him enrolled in this reading program takes him away from gaming on weekends and it reminds him that he has work to do.” — Shirley

Over 9 out of 10 parents noticed a boost in their child’s confidence with reading.

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Help Your Child Become a Confident,
Enthusiastic Reader!

Help Your Child Become a Confident, Enthusiastic Reader!