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In this engaging program, your middle schooler will double reading speed, improve comprehension in fiction and nonfiction, strengthen writing skills, and expand his or her vocabulary. Your middle schooler’s love of reading and confidence will grow, providing lots of motivation to keep reading for enjoyment.

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95% of parents would recommend the program to a friend.

Parent Feedback

We collect feedback throughout our program to ensure all students are making progress and getting the support they need.

“I really liked the program because I usually don’t talk in my class, but this one made me more confident. I got to connect with others through the book and it was pretty fun.” — Josephine

“I loved this class. The teacher was great. Always so nice and comforting to be in this class.!” — Jaylen

93% of parents said that their child enjoyed attending weekly live online classes. 

“My daughter has completed about 8 of these classes so far, and has enjoyed her teachers so much. She said Thomas Burras was wonderful!” — Laura

“Sonya was an excellent teacher and the way she teaches encourage my son to read more. And the weekly individual tutoring was very helpful to my son and he got to develop a good relationship with the tutor, Ruth as well. We are very happy with the reading program. Thank you very much all!!” — Yoshi

93% of 7th graders enjoyed the program books, according to their parents.

“Really like the writing exercises that my child had to do. I like how it really breaks it down and reinforces what needs to be in a paragraph. Also noticed she was talking about the books with parents, which is great to hear!” — Melissa

More than 9 out of 10 parents saw their child’s reading comprehension improve during this program.

“Luke liked his teacher – she was engaged, friendly, connected to this age group, gave feedback to us as Luke’s parents. we have been customers for many years and are always pleased with the program.” — Kim

Parents rated their child’s teacher as skilled and knowledgeable more than 99% of the time.

“I enjoy this program very much. I consider it a book club for kids. The teacher is very engaging and keeps my son’s interest throughout.” — Shari

Over 9 out of 10 parents noticed a boost in their child’s confidence with reading.

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Help Your Child Become a Confident,
Enthusiastic Reader!

Help Your Child Become a Confident, Enthusiastic Reader!