Lifelong Reader Rewards

All families that have previously participated in an Institute of Reading Development reading skills program are part of the Lifelong Readers Rewards Program. As a member, you get:

Discounts on Future Programs

Prior participants get to enroll in future programs with an exclusive $50.00 discount.

Use the email you used to previously register in the reading program to automatically receive your $50.00 discount.

Referral Credits

Give $30; Get $30. Know friends who have never taken a reading program? Invite them to enroll with a $30.00 discount. You’ll get a $30.00 credit for a future program every time a friend enrolls in their family’s first program.

Your $30.00 credit will be awarded at the time your friend starts his or her class.

Loyalty Credits

After every 4th program your family enrolls in starting May 3, 2021, you will earn a $50.00 credit.

Your $50 loyalty credit will be awarded at the time of the start of class for the 4th program. 

Credits can be used in combination with your prior participant discount. Read all program details here.

If you have any questions about your Lifelong Reader Rewards, please contact us: